Legal solutions for The Animal Health Centre’s sale to Medivet

The Animal Health Centre, a beloved veterinary practice in Torquay, has been providing exceptional care since 2001. When founders Marni and Paul decided it was time to sell, they turned to Rubric for legal expertise.

This veterinary practice sale was multifaceted: not only did it involve a complete transfer of shares, but also Marni’s transition to a practice partner role and Paul’s agreement to lease the property to the new owners. Naturally, these elements added layers of complexity to the transaction.

Faced with a tight deadline, our integrated approach was key. The corporate team, in close collaboration with our property specialists, crafted the Heads of Terms and advised on all the necessary documentation to facilitate a smooth transaction.

We engaged proactively with our clients’ bank relationship manager to ensure the timely release of personal and company-held loans. This financial aspect was critical to the deal’s success, as it cleared the way for a clean handover of the practice.

Through teamwork and diligent attention to both legal detail and client relationships, Rubric delivered a tailored solution that met the unique needs of the transaction, allowing our clients to achieve their goals.