Our Values

Our values are the building blocks of our business. Everything we do revolves around our Client Communication Charter, which truly defines the way we connect with our clients.

Rubric’s Client Communication Charter

With proactive communication, we shine above the uncertainty of other law firms. Say goodbye to that infuriating lack of communication and hello to natural, timely updates that keep you in the loop.

Why we have a Communications Charter

Timely, open communication reduces stress, anxiety and missed opportunities. We get that. So to give you peace of mind, we create a personalised communications schedule exclusive to you. You will know what to expect and when.

We promise to:

  • Send you a clear written outline of our services and fees before any work starts.

  • Outline your communication plan, detailing how often you want to hear from us, how you want us to contact you and which parts of the process you’d like to know more about.

  • Arrange regular updates with either your lead solicitor.

  • Answer emails, calls, letters or messages within 24 hours.

  • Get in touch with you ASAP if there are any issues or changes in your matter.

Our values: Rubric lives them, and our clients benefit from them.

Be your best self

Fresh, open to new ideas and always learning, we empower each member of the team to be their best self, whatever that means to them. 

Benefit to our clients

We come to your business fresh and motivated and with oodles of talent.

Focused on our strengths

We respect each other and acknowledge what each individual brings.

Benefit to our clients

We bring unencumbered focus to business – no politics, no games, no nonsense.

In it together

We are a democratic community with no hierarchy. Everyone rolls up their sleeves to make things happen.

Benefit to our clients

Our service is consistent and reliable with everyone working as a strong, interactive team member.

Power in talking

We encourage conversation to nurture a feeling of safety, support and productivity.

Benefit to our clients

We talk and share information to build a collective sense of duty and care.

Always a way

We work tirelessly and creatively to find the best solution.

Benefit to our clients

Each client receives an individual, personalised service that best suits them.

We deliver

If we say it, we mean it. We always deliver on our commitments and promises.

Benefit to our clients

You will always know what to expect from us and be sure this is what you receive.