Supporting a complex acquisition in the veterinary sector: The Oxford Cat Clinic Case

Our skilled corporate and property team has successfully advised clients Mel and Chris on the intricate veterinary practice acquisition of The Oxford Cat Clinic, a practice where Mel was employed and closely involved in operations.

In a transaction marked by a complex set of legal and financial challenges, particularly regarding earn-out provisions to the original sellers, our team successfully negotiated terms to safeguard all parties’ interests. This process concluded in a seamless transition of ownership, with Mel and Chris emerging as the proud new owners of the practice.

The Rubric team, led by Ryan Ho for corporate matters and Asif Moghal for property related matters demonstrated exceptional expertise in managing this multifaceted transaction, reinforcing the firm’s position as a leader in facilitating complex acquisitions in the veterinary sector.

Mel commented:

“The team at Rubric did a fantastic job for us. Ryan, Asif and James kept in close contact throughout the purchase process offering invaluable guidance and advice. They even accommodated the additional complication that we were on holiday in Italy for the first part of the process! Thanks everyone.”

We wish both Mel and Chris a happy and prosperous future.


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