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Why do I need a non-disclouse agreement (NDA)?

Whether you’re selling your business, exploring new partnerships, or sharing inside information, an NDA keeps discussions from becoming public knowledge; and offers legal recourse in case of a breach, ensuring that your confidential information has robust protection.

How does it work?


Answer a few simple questions to customise your document.


Your NDA will be created in minutes and ready for you to download in Word or PDF.


Your legally binding document is now ready to send for all parties to sign.

Why use Rubric Law's automated service?

A bespoke non-disclosure agreement tailored by Rubric Law offers unparalleled protection and peace of mind for businesses that need to share sensitive information.

Unlike generic NDAs, our custom-designed agreements are crafted to meet the specific needs and circumstances of your business, whether you’re selling, exploring new partnerships, or safeguarding sensitive employee information.

At Rubric Law, our team of seasoned corporate lawyers brings a wealth of expertise in key areas such as business acquisitions and sales, employment law, and property law matters.

This multidisciplinary knowledge ensures that every NDA we create not only offers robust legal protection but is also aligned with the broader legal and regulatory framework affecting your business.

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