Private Client

Birth, home buying, marriage, retirement and death of loved ones: they’re the moments in life that trigger the need for a personal lawyer.

These are the moments you want to put securities and documents in place to be confident your wealth, belongings and wishes can protect those around you when you can’t.

As a Rubric private client, you become part of our family. We build and nurture our relationship, so you feel supported, years before our work becomes truly valuable.

Rubric specialist individual and family service follows the same laws as every other private client legal firm – we’re more welcoming, personal and have better biscuits.

We guide you in creating your wills, trusts, legal powers of attorney and preparing administration of estates.

These are documents that invest in your future, but we recognise the default ‘I’ll do it another time’ caused by busy lives. This is where Rubric adds value to your life.

Step into the Rubric world and we guide your journey, starting with a free consultation. You get a personalised timeline to create the documents you need at a pace that suits you.

We also provide you with a bespoke communications plan so you always know when to expect to hear from us, read our Communications Charter for more information.

Every year, we check in with you to adapt your documents, so they continue to meet your ever-changing needs.

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Our Private Client practice are passionate about the people that they provide advice to. Our team, headed up by Jen Windsor, help to prepare and safe guard clients and their families futures by listening, and understanding what their wishes really are and then implementing these wishes in robust legal documents. The practice’s experience includes working in larger law firms and dealing with the most complex situations. Our team use that big firm rigour whilst applying our more personal Rubric touch to every one of our clients.

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